Ready and Ahead of the Game

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Jana Scarlett
Jana Scarlett

Meet Jana Scarlett: READY and AHEAD of the GAME
Woman in Automotive

Young, smart, and ambitious, Jana Scarlett is blazing a trail in the automotive industry. With a long list of automotive achievements and a natural affinity for all-things-cars, Jana is the sheer definition of READY.

As the office manager, AKA, the lady of the shop of Ready Now Auto Body & Collision, Jana ensures that the office runs smoothly and efficiently, which is not always an easy feat, considering the amount of testosterone in the building. Being the only woman in the shop doesn’t bother Jana though. “I’m a part of something new. I love to innovate and I love telling men what to do and hearing myself talk”, Scarlett says with a chuckle.

In an industry that screams all things male, Jana is making her mark. In addition to her duties at Ready Now, Jana also manages 4 dealerships in Georgia and Alabama and is the owner of Business Connect Consulting, an auto broker and training company.

“I love the automotive industry. I love making people happy and I love seeing people driving in a nice car”, Scarlett states. When it comes to Ready Now, Jana shares her goal of creating a Buckhead Body Shop in Clayton County. She accomplishes this by “catering to their customers unique needs and offering quality customer service that make you feel like royalty when you come in and out. “Customer service is #1, how you’re treated is #1 and communication is #1”, states Scarlett.

The company also has the credentials behind them. They are PPG certified, which is the highest certification you can obtain, have certified mechanics and offer bilingual services.

Building a Case for Woman Friendliness

As a woman, Jana fully understands the female experience. “At the end of the day, what women really want when it comes to their cars is to look good and to feel good”. But that’s not always easy when you’re a woman. Driving a car is one thing, but buying and maintaining that car can be a totally different experience, especially if you have little knowledge.


When it comes to catering to the female audience, Ready Now is ahead of the game. They are currently working with Car-Buy-Her and have become the official host site for their car clinics for women in Clayton County. “We believe in educating consumers and women, particularly on the importance of understanding what you’re buying and not purchasing parts that can damage your car. The average body shop doesn’t explain things to you because they know what they know, but I want to help women know what I know. Being a female myself I know what it’s like for women going into a body shop and seeing a facility full of men and thinking they will be taken advantage of. I know first hand that it can be challenging for women. Women want to see things in black and white so we take the time to explain everything to them”, Scarlett shares.


Ready Now will also be hosting education classes and giving women an opportunity to brand themselves in the automotive business.We want to show women how to be a part of this business so we host classes in the summer as well as community programs, giving women the opportunity to take a chance and not spend a lot of money”, she continues.

To effectively work with an auto body shop, Jana offered these tips:

–          Be careful about aftermarket parts and buying from places like ebay. Be mindful about what you purchase. Try to use factory parts as much as possible. This adds more value to your car.

–          Customer service is important. This is a service business. We need you. You should always feel like your #1.

–          Insurance companies cannot tell you where to go. They can make suggestions, but ultimately the choice is yours, so go somewhere that you trust and make sure you feel comfortable with the shop you select.


So there you have it. Keep these tips in mind the next time you’re in the market and you’re guaranteed to feel confident in control and READY to buy.

Committed to Positive Customer Service and Automotive Education for Women
Committed to Positive Customer Service and Automotive Education for Women