Gone in 60 Seconds: A Cautionary Tale

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If you’re looking for a new car, then it’s likely you’ll be trading in or selling your older car. Selling your own car is a good way to ensure you get the most for your car, but it also warrants caution. Not everyone is honest. In fact, there are some down right criminals out there and before you take selling a car into your own hands you need to understand the potential dangers.

One meeting with the wrong person can put you in a compromising situation. That’s what happened to LaChelle and her husband one holiday season, when they decided to connect with a potential buyer to purchase a car.  After fielding a number of calls of interested buyers, LaChelle’s husband headed out to meet one gentleman that seemed very interested. On the day of the meeting, LaChelle received a call from her husband. It wasn’t the call she expected.

“Hello?” “Baby, he took the car!”
“Are you joking?” “No Baby. He told me to get out of the car and he took it!”

In just 60 seconds, everything changed.

At some point during the test drive the “potential buyer” told LaChelle’s husband to get out the car, explaining he had a gun and would kill his family if he gave him trouble. In an instance, he watched as this guy speed off with the car.

The police were called later, but the buyer had disconnected his number and quickly moved on.

While traumatic, LaChelle shared these lessons:

One: Get information from a driver’s license when someone is coming to look at a vehicle for sale.

Two: Take someone with you if meeting someone for the first time.

Three: Always practice caution. You never know who or where people are coming from.