I Ended Up With Two Car Notes! One Woman’s Story

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Toni is a smart, professional, educated woman. She is a business owner, homeowner, and mother. On any given day, Toni is in the throes of business conducting corporate insurance deals for employees, yet despite her capabilities and intellect, Toni got a raw deal. Some years ago she set out to purchase a new car. The process seemed straightforward and uncomplicated and when she left her local Lexus dealership she felt comfortable and secure. Little did she know that years later she would still suffer from the effects of a deal gone bad.

What happened to Toni is what happens to many women. Before we go on with the story we want you to understand our premise. Our goal is not to attack the automotive industry, but to enlighten women, confront the industry and ask for something better.

We believe to solve a problem you must first acknowledge it, then respond to it. And we are. Our goal is to ultimately connect the auto industry and the female consumer to offer better buyer/seller relationships and it can be done. The more women we talk to the more stories we collect and unfortunately many of them are negative.

With just one signature, Toni found herself with two car notes instead of one. Instead of buying the new car and trading in her old car, something went dreadfully wrong. It turns out that the dealership had not actually paid off Toni’s trade. So instead of one comfortable car note she ended up with two, which has weakened her credit and left her with both financial and emotional stress.

But what happened? Toni was a victim — of her own lack of knowledge and emotionalism and the dealings of a dishonest salesperson. And it’s something that could happen to any of us. The truth is more and more women are buying cars, but aside from that many women are handling the process and the negotiations on their own. This means women have to become more educated about car buying.

When Car-Buy-Her spoke to Toni she reflected back on the situation and realized that there were some telling signs. She readily admits she became too emotionally involved. She was swayed by the idea of a new car, the charismatic personality of a salesman who didn’t have her best interest at heart, and her desire to validate her own knowledge and wherewithal. If she had it to do again or could give other women advice, here’s what Toni would do differently . . . .

CBH: What lessons have you learned? 

Toni: I’ve learned not to buy the first day and I’ve learned that you must read your contract in detail (she notes that it’s very overwhelming and suggests there should be a class); Take a 24-hour evaluation period before buying; don’t feel pressure; don’t let emotions get in the way.

CBH: What advice would you give to other women? 

Toni: Guys (salesman) are well dressed and look good and if you’re going in the dealership by yourself you’re probably single; Don’t lose your sense of reasoning and get too emotional because these guys will work you. While you’re looking at Joe look at your contract, too.

CBH: What would you like to see from the automotive industry? Toni: Getting ahead and being proactive in the education process; offering car buying workshops before you buy.

CBH: Do you think a site like Car-Buy-Her would have been helpful to you? 
Toni: Absolutely but how would I find out about it? (Ladies, will you please help us spread the word — we’re small and can use your assistance in this area. The larger our network the more power we have to speak and advocate on your behalf)

CBH: What can Car-Buy-Her do to make the process better for women? 
Toni: Continue to educate and advocate for women. And to the ladies, remember to be confident in yourself; There is no harm in saying no—- I’m not going to buy this today; Have an attitude about it.

CBH: Do you feel wiser? 

Toni: Absolutely, angry but wiser. Some people have to pay the price for others to learn. I’m a Trooper; I’m a Warrior.

CBH: Do you consider yourself a Car-Buy-Her (We define a Car-Buy-Her as a woman who is informed and in control)? 
Toni: Yes. Absolutely!

CBH: Where are you now?
Toni: I’m in the process of determining how to get rid of the Lexus; It’s on a lease and expensive to maintain.

The scam that effected Toni is a common scam disreputable dealerships will use on buyers. Learn more about common dealer scams.