Founder, Car-Buy-Her

Sheronde Glover is the founder and spokeswoman for Car-Buy-Her ®, a property of The Business Practitioner, Inc. This all-inspired business consultant, marketer and communications expert (trainer/author/writer) is a believer in “Making it Happen” and the embodiment of putting thoughts into ACTION. In 2005, she had car trouble and literally found herself “on the side of the road” and in the market for a car.  With little to no knowledge of how to buy, she armed herself with the tools she needed and then set out to help other women.

Realizing she didn’t need to be an automotive expert, but instead a Car-Buy-Her ® informed and in control, she built her brand around educating women on how to take control of their car life.

Naturally innovative and passionate about her cause, she was determined to build a comfortable space where women could get the easy-to-understand information they needed. She created a woman-friendly online automotive resource,  started the blog Auto Estrogen and eventually the accompanying radio show, Auto Estrogen Live!

As a natural educator, Sheronde believes in sharing information and resources — from educating women on automotive issues to helping them build and grow their business.

Known for instinctively tapping into the needs of the female market, Sheronde authored the book, Sipping Tea and Doing Business: A Holistic Journey to Business Success, a well-received concept around balance and business. She speaks at numerous women’s conferences and events, hosts a virtual tea for women and held the first Sip-osium, a High Tea for business women.

Through her training, workshops, events, and activities, Sheronde has reached thousands of women. Her vision is to empower women to Be . . . the women they are becoming and to experience Bold, Balanced, Brilliance in business and in life!

Sheronde is an Atlanta native. She holds a bachelor’s degree in psychology and a master’s degree in education from West Georgia College (now the University of West Georgia).

CBH Media Exposure: Essence Magazine, Onyx Woman,,, The Bev Smith National Radio Show, The Auto School and more.