Car-Buy-Her ® is an automotive marketing and education company. Our mission is to educate and provide women with automotive  information, tips and resources so they can take control of their car life. Car-Buy-Her ® provides online content and information to assist women in the car buying experience. Car-Buy-Her ® also works directly with dealerships and automotive companies to improve customer service programs and marketing effectiveness.

Our vision is to educate and inform women on car buying so they can take control of their car life.  Car-Buy-Her ® provides online content and information to assist women in the car buying experience. Our mission is to educate and connect in order to build better relationships by (1) Talking to women to understand their needs. (2) Educating women, helping them to become better automotive consumers and (3) consulting with dealerships on improving the customer experience, marketing effectiveness and brand appeal based on this data.




In mid 2003, I found myself in the car buying market. It was during this time I received some revelation. I realized that although I had control of both my personal and professional life I had very little control over my CAR life. The 2-month journey was both challenging and liberating. During this time I found myself engrossed in learning everything I could about buying a car. I went to auctions, dealerships, searched the internet, purchased trade magazines,and talked to as many folks as I could as I searched and searched for a car.

The conclusion I came to was that I needed to be empowered. I literally had been left on the side of the road. I was overwhelmed by the information, the things I needed to know, the process, and everything in between. It was both a settling and frustrating time for me.

I realized at that time that women needed a comfortable place and a space to gather information and become empowered.

After I learned all that I could, I walked into a dealership and felt on top of the world because I knew something – I knew what to do and what to ask and I didn’t have to have a spouse, boyfriend, father or brother bridge the gap.

Our mantra: You don’t have to be an automotive expert, you just need to be a Car-Buy-Her, a woman who is informed and in control!

Ladies, don’t be left on the side of the Road, Take Control of Your Car Life!
Make Us Your First Stop for the Information and Resources you Need.

Sheronde Glover, Founder & Spokeswoman